The Legacy Center

Legacy Center

At the heart of the Sundale School District lies the Legacy Center, a beacon of enrichment, outreach, and support. We are more than just a community center; we are a hub dedicated to fostering growth, connection, and empowerment for individuals of all ages. Explore the opportunities that await you within our welcoming walls.

Community Enrichment Opportunities:

Discover a world of possibilities through our diverse range of enrichment programs. From educational workshops to creative arts and fitness classes, we strive to cater to the varied interests of our community members. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills, pursue a new passion, or simply connect with like-minded individuals, the Legacy Center is the place to be. Check out our current courses here.

Community Outreach:

Our commitment to community outreach is at the core of our mission. Through partnerships with local organizations and initiatives, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us. From community events to community service projects, we believe in the power of collective action to create lasting change.

Support Services:

In times of need, the Legacy Center stands as a pillar of support. Our dedicated team is here to provide assistance, guidance, and resources to help individuals and families navigate life’s challenges. From counseling services to resource referrals, we strive to create a supportive environment that promotes well-being and resilience.

After School Programs:

For the younger members of our community, the Legacy Center is a second home after school hours. Our Afterschool programs are designed to engage, educate, and inspire. From homework assistance to extracurricular activities, we provide a safe and nurturing space for children to learn, grow, and build lasting friendships.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated classrooms and activity spaces
  • Experienced and passionate instructors and facilitators
  • Community events and celebrations
  • Comfortable gathering spaces for socializing and collaborating

Future Features

  • Recreation Field
  • BBQ and Picnic area
  • Playground
  • Large multipurpose building
  • Industrial/Trades Vocational Training building

Join us at the Legacy Center and become a part of a community that values growth, compassion, and unity. Together, we can create a legacy of strength, resilience, and shared success.

Visit us today and embark on a journey of enrichment, connection, and community building. The Legacy Center – Where Your Legacy Begins!

The Legacy Center
13053 Ave 228, Tulare, CA 93274

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