The Sundale Foundation Board

The foundation’s seven-member board includes educators and community members who work hard to identify the needs of our community and make it a better place in which to live and learn.

Cindy Gist

Sundale Foundation President,

Sundale School Superintendent

Cindy Gist has been the principal at Sundale School for 12 years and has worked in the district for 24, she has recently been promoted to Superintendent. Her passion for children and teaching led her to become a member of the Foundation helping to start the preschool. Cindy firmly believes that making things easier for staff and parents to support their students will result in more positive experiences for all.

Joy Farkas

Joy Farkas

Meet Joy Farkas, a seasoned education professional with 16 years of experience, 14 of which were devoted to teaching before seamlessly transitioning into a dedicated administrative role for the past 2 years. Committed to the holistic development of students, Joy brings a wealth of classroom experience to her leadership position, always prioritizing the well-being and academic growth of every student. Beyond the school walls, she has recently joined the foundation board focused on providing students with community opportunities, showcasing her commitment to shaping not only academic success but also fostering a positive impact on students’ lives beyond the classroom.

Seth Brown

Sundale Foundation Vice President,

Cal Turf Owner

Seth Brown is a Tulare native and attended Sundale School from kindergarten through 8th grade. Presently, two of his children are students at Sundale and one is in the Foundation preschool. Being part of the Sundale community for the last 30 years and involved in community outreach as well, Seth is excited to see the positive changes and opportunities for students that he believes are direct result of the dedication of the Foundation’s volunteers.

Johanna Weerheim

Sundale Foundation Treasurer,

Tulare Community Church CFO

Johanna Weerheim helped organize the Sundale Foundation, and has been a continuous member and treasurer since its inception. She has also served on the Sundale school board for more than 20 years. Three of her children and five of her grandchildren have attended Sundale School. Her oldest granddaughter was in the first 4-year old class at the preschool, and she has two grandchildren in the preschool now. Through the Foundation, Johanna is committed to providing quality preschool and after-school programs and enrichment classes in a safe environment, making it possible for children to be their best.

Wil Cushing

Sundale Foundation Board Member,

Enterprise Architect & Senior Project Manager, World Wide Sires Ltd

Wil Cushing’s family has been in the Sundale community for over 30 years. His children have been on campus for almost 15 of those years, and all three of his children have graduated from Sundale. Joining the Sundale Foundation board 15 years ago, Wil is a co-founder of the Dad’s Club and is active in several groups in the community. As an active volunteer in several local organizations, he generously contributes his deep-rooted values and strengths in leadership, IT management, and public service to bring positive change.

Darin Bawks

Sundale Foundation Board Member,

Central Valley Sweeping, Controller

Darin Bawks was a teacher and vice principal at Sundale School for five and eight years, respectively. All three of his sons have been or are students in the preschool and after-school programs. Darin, in his second year as a member of the Foundation board, believes that the staff and programs at Sundale provide many avenues of interest and paths for success that lead to a better community and futures for children.

Clay Smith

Clay Smith

Sundale Foundation Community Member,


Clay has been involved with Sundale Foundation since 2017, volunteering his time before becoming a board member in 2022. He saw something special within the programs that are offered to students and the local community. The mission and vision that Sundale Foundation offers to students today will help them succeed in academics and character, all while grooming the future into successful citizens of the local community.  The Sundale Foundation offers endless possibilities and Clay cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Retired Board Members

These people have contributed to our success and ensured our future.

Terri Rufert

Sundale Foundation Past President,

Sundale School Superintendent – Retired

Terri Rufert has been in the education field for 30 years; 23 of those have been as an administrator at Sundale School. She helped start the Foundation preschool because she knew the challenges that working mothers experience finding quality preschools, and she also was committed to providing a safe place for the community’s children to gather. For Terri, the most inspiring part of starting the preschool was seeing the wonderful things that can happen when people share the same vision.


Greg Fernandes

Sundale Foundation Board Member,


Greg’s profile is pending.

Robert Rodriguez

Sundale Foundation Board Member,


Roberts’s profile is pending.

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