The Sundale Foundation Mission

To strengthen our rural community by providing facilities, resources and programs that inspire academic excellence, promote lifelong learning, build moral character, and enable students and adults to become successful, self-reliant citizens contributing to our Valley’s future.

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Sundale Foundation’s Hours of Operation are 7:30 AM-4:30 PM.

** This is subject to change if regulations change due to Covid-19


More than 10 years ago, the educators, administrators and board members at Sundale School noted that academic performance improved when students had safe places to gather before and after school, and adults were available to assist with homework. This correlation between healthy community and student success led to the establishment of the Sundale Foundation. For many students and preschoolers, our programs are crucial to their safety and success. Before and after-school programs are especially helpful to single-parent households or households in which parents have jobs with early and late shifts.

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The foundation has partnered with Sundale School District to establish:

  • The V-Center, a community outreach program located in the Villa residential neighborhood.
  • Preschool and after-school programs that offer homework assistance, academic support, and personal enrichment.

The foundation has also partnered with the district to:

  • Add 13 classrooms
  • Add 3 on-campus buildings
  • Add 2 off-campus buildings
  • Create a 14-acre sports complex

But the work is far from over.

Ready to join the Sundale Foundation Volunteer Force or donate to our cause?  We can always use your help. Give us a call or stop by, and we will show you why we have such a passion for our rural community.