Sundale Foundation

Stronger Rural Communities for Brighter Valley Futures


Who We Are

Since the inception of the Sundale Foundation in 2006, we have been pursuing the good work of making futures brighter for children, youth, and adults in our community. It is our passion to be a crossroads for everyone we meet. Some feel they do not have the ability to change the future outlook of their lives. We want to show them they can get off of one road and get on another. Our goal is to elevate and educate so opportunities and possibilities intersect into the lives of the families in our rural communities. This will equip them and provide a network of support in order to be healthy and productive members of our Valley’s communities ensuring a vibrant future for all who live here.

The Foundation and School Partnership

The Sundale Foundation was established by a team of educators and administrators of the Sundale Elementary School District. We have a close partnership with the school, yet we are a separate entity. Our mission and vision is complementary and supportive of the school as we provide services on the school campus. The Foundation also has a community outreach aspect that reaches into the community beyond Sundale Elementary families. The community outreach looks to serve all the citizens of rural Tulare County that would like to participate in our programs. The Legacy Center is the Sundale Foundation’s community center that is host to most of the community outreach programs.


The Future is Bright 

The vision is big and the passion is strong, and that is a recipe for a bright future! A lot of exciting things are happening with the Sundale Foundation. The most exciting of all is the fact that lives are being changed! No matter the role on the team, everyone from volunteer handyman to paid staff is needed. One is too small a number for great things to happen. So we need everyone! Reaching the goals of the Foundation and continuing to make the vision a reality is a collaborative effort.

If you are ready to use your skills and talents to change lives and generations, then we have a place for you. Follow the link and we look forward to meeting with you soon.

Our Beginnings

Almost 20 years ago, the educators, administrators, and board members at Sundale School noted that academic performance improved when students had safe places to gather before and after school, and adults were available to assist with homework. This correlation between healthy community and student success led to the establishment of the Sundale Foundation. For many students and preschoolers, our programs are crucial to their safety and success. Before and after-school programs are especially helpful to single-parent households or households in which parents have jobs with early and late shifts.


Our Mission

To strengthen our rural community by providing facilities, resources, and programs that inspire academic excellence, promote lifelong learning, build moral character, and enable students and adults to become successful, self-reliant citizens contributing to our Valley’s future.

Our Future

The life-changing work of our mission ultimately revolves around people. One phrase would sum it all up, “People Helping People”.

The reality is that people need a space to live in community together, learn from each other, and be transformed into the best and healthiest version of ourselves.

We have created a master plan for the Legacy Center to finish the facilities in a way that allows us to use the center for its highest and best use.

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